Healthcare Consulting

Move beyond simply marketing to your patients

Healthcare organizations need advocates that know their world and know how to reach their demographics. We understand the intricacies of the healthcare space and create the content that is needed for your audience.

Improve Patient Engagement

Dr. Marci Hardy and her team can translate your message and ideas into understandable and engaging content to build your audience, business, and sales.

  • Engage and educate them.
  • Promote your philosophy and products.
  • Give your business a consistent voice and vision that matches your mission.

Evergreen Content

Whether it's for your websites, blogs, or social media it's content that will help people find you (SEO), keep them coming back, and learn to trust you as a resource.

Tools & Resources

Your content has a bedside manner.

Recipes, Images, Video, Test Results... content comes in a lot of forms these days and it's important that you give your audience a consistent and well informed voice.

See our work

  • Infographics
  • Blog site development
  • Landing pages
  • Recipes
  • Videos
  • Online courses

Customized Nutrition

Let us craft recipes and engaging how-tos to match your audience's dietary needs. It's easy to say "eat better"; we can help to actually show them how.

Speaking & Training

Marci can be your keynote speaker to deliver compelling content or train your team.

  • Keynote engagements
  • Interactive presentations
  • Training materials
  • Videos
  • Online training courses

Habla EspaƱol?

We can help you reach your Spanish speaking audiences.

Scientific Content

You need someone who understands scientific research and medicine, and who can translate them into understandable and engaging content for your audience.

  • Content for reports
  • Research summaries
  • Medical and genetic test results
  • White papers

Who is your audience?

You'll need to know your demographic and where they are? Pinterest? Facebook? Caves?

Reach your Audience

We use a scientific process to discover your audience and reach them effectively.

  • User personas
  • Analytics and metrics
  • Social channels and content
  • Ads and paid boosts