Finding Time as a Parent to Share Health, Exploration, and Imagination with Our Children


Sharing Values by Connecting Through Life’s Lessons

If I am able to teach my children anything, it is to be kind and honest, take care of their health, learn to be content with and by themselves, and find time each day to read!  However, with the rat race of life, I sometimes wonder how I am going to manage to get this done.

Do you ever feel like you are stretched thin? If you are like most parents, your days are full. Every second seems to be consumed by:

  • getting kids up and out the door,
  • work (whether at home or outside of the home),
  • meal prep,
  • driving kids places,
  • household chores,
  • parenting opportunities,
  • downloading the day to your significant other,
  • hopefully a moment or two to use the restroom all alone and
  • maybe even some me time to exercise, read, or chat with a friend.

With all this going on, it is not uncommon for parents to be concerned about  finding time to squeeze in the “parenting” moments they read about in blogs and magazines. You know, the ones that go beyond potty training and guiding undesired behaviors (like drawing on the walls or giving a sibling a haircut) towards ones that don’t cause you to count backwards in a different language just to keep yourself calm enough to not blow that whole “be a good role model” concept!

There are three behaviors I am passionate about making sure I share with my kids, and also love to educate other families about as well:

  1. Shop, Prepare, & Eat Healthy Food Together
  2. Move, Explore and Play as a Family – so Kids Learn to Value  an Active Lifestyle
  3. Read, read, and then read again

In the coming weeks I am going to delve into each of these topics a little deeper, so come back and check-out my blogs on:

Thank you for sharing a few of your very precious quiet moments to explore my thoughts on living a happy, healthy life! I hope you come back often to walk through this loud, messy journey of life with my family!

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