About Us

Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD

As a content writer, I translate complex scientific and medical information into easily understood materials. I have worked professionally with a variety of medical disciplines. Plus, I spent the past 20 years maneuvering my family through the healthcare system. Having personal and professional experience helps me understand healthcare from the eyes of a patient, family member, scientist/clinician, and health education and health promotion specialist. I use this unique perspective to help healthcare organizations improve patient engagement, support, education, and retention.

Also, I bring my experience as a former professor to the table. Serving as a college faculty helped me hone the skill of distilling information into understandable and usable content for others. My college faculty experience has also led to my capabilities for storyboarding educational videos, developing curriculum, and delivering seminars – providing value to your patients and clients.

Finally, I can support or facilitate your communications efforts.  I have helped clients apply for SBIR grants and government RFP’s, which have resulted in national and state government contracts. I also can serve as a communications liaison for your team with other organizations or the media, as well as writing white papers, journal articles, press releases, or website content.