An Insider’s Guide to Navigating Healthcare

Most people visit a healthcare provider many times during their life. Some visit annually for routine preventive care, while others only go when absolutely necessary to address a sudden illness like the flu or an injury. Meanwhile, some of us have to visit more frequently to manage chronic illnesses or for diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Whether you are taking a preventive stance or are treating a disease, you visit with the aim of seeking help to improve your health. However, not everyone knows how to go about asking for the help you desire.

If you are like most people, when you visit a healthcare provider you are hoping that the provider:

  • listens to your concerns,
  • asks thoughtful questions to better assess your situation,
  • has a plan for additional testing if needed, and
  • works together with you to determine a path to get you to the best possible health outcomes through measures that are the least intrusive as possible.

However, if you are like most people you are not sure what you can do to help make sure this happens.

What does this course include?

  • An 11 part video series featuring Dr. Marci Hardy
  • Each section includes a quiz (with answers) that will expand upon the material presented
  • Forms and handouts that will help you on your way

Who is your healthcare guide?

Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD is a health educator who has worked with the healthcare industry for several decades. She has worked  with physicians and therapists to develop educational plans and materials for their patients, as well as directly with patients to help them implement their physician’s therapeutic recommendations.

Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD also happens to have a multi-generational family history of health conditions. She personally has several chronic health conditions, as well as two children who have had serious medical conditions that have resulted in numerous hospital stays and routine medical appointments several times during most months. In addition, she has helped her parents navigate through joint replacement surgeries, open heart surgery, cancer and more. In fact, between herself and her parents, grandparents, and children, Dr. Marci Hardy has worked with healthcare providers in almost every type of medical practice.



Lesson 2: What is Advocacy?

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Easy

Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD explains the concept of patient advocacy. You will also learn how that relates to how you navigate the healthcare system.

Lesson 3: Choosing a Provider

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD will help you understand the different types of medical providers available to your family. She will also share how to identify

Lesson 8: Examination

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

Next, you’ll learn what information is relevant to share with the person who takes you back to the exam room, versus what to share with

Lesson 10: Know Your Rights

Length: 7 minutes

Dr. Marci Hardy shares some details on your medical rights and how to advocate for them. She also explains your right to ask for a

Lesson 11: Summary

Length: 10 minutes

Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD wraps up the video series with a summary of the materials presented. In addition, she shares some additional personal examples to