Visiting my Linkedin profile will provide an excellent overview of how past collaborators have felt about my project management skills and deliverables. Below are a few excerpts from LinkedIn and other platforms….

“…From the outset, it was clear that she epitomized the essence of professionalism. Her structured approach, coupled with her unwavering commitment to the highest scientific standards, made her an invaluable asset to our team. One of Marci’s most commendable qualities was her patient-oriented focus, ensuring that every decision we made had the patients’ best interests at heart. Moreover, working with her was seamless. She was consistently proactive, honest and brought a collaborative spirit to every project. I deeply respect her dedication and can confidently say that any organization would benefit greatly from her expertise and work ethic. Highly recommended.”  ~Dr. Bernard Esquivel, MD, PhD, Vice President Clinical Innovation at ixlayer

“Marci is an expert technical writer. She has assisted our team on numerous proposals and her insight has been invaluable.” ~ Dr. Sheldon K. Jordan, PhD, CEO at Peptineo

“Your last sentence… That’s about the best nutritional advice I’ve heard, ever.”
~ Dr. John Amtmann, EdD in response to a Facebook post on nutritional research

“…her public speaking captivates the interest and attention of her audience…”
~ Crista Wallace, Marketing Director at Bellingham at Orchard Memory Care

“…My favorite part of working with Marci was her passion for the product space and advocacy for a consumer centered experience during product development. Marci was the voice of the customer throughout ADx. I’d consider her an expert on how to properly consider human needs with digital products in the healthcare space. I look forward to seeing more people centered products developed with her input in the coming years.”
~ Joshua Bivins, of his time working collaboratively while he was a Product Manager at Helix (now at Facebook)

“… Marci expertly filled the roles of all things social media and health education for our company. She was calm under pressure and handled managing a difficult vendor relationship with grace. Her ability to wear multiple hats and juggle multiple projects made a dramatic   difference in the productivity of our small team.”
~ Patricia Re, of her time as Program Manager at AFFIRMATIVhealth

“ I am pleased to endorse Marci Hardy as a public speaker and top talent project manager. She has a remarkable ability to engage and inspire audiences both large and small….”
~ Camille Filoromo, MeD, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Sr Director at St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital


Dr. Marci Hardy LLC collaborates with an array of organizations to develop marketing materials, build educational and engaging content, write grants and responses to calls for proposals, and deliver health, medical, and scientific content solutions. Some partners have included: