Who Will be Your Valentine?

If you are like most people, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that comes with emotional baggage…

  • hoping someone thinks of you
  • feeling guilty about the candy and treats you may be tempted to eat
  • being the person who can’t participate because of food allergies or medical conditions.

This holiday of love often leads to sadness and even self-loathing, anxiety, and depression for so many.

Solution: Be Your Own Valentine

My guess is you forgot to get a Valentine for the most important on your list… YOU! The solution to these apprehensions is to be proactive and treat yourself as the MOST IMPORTANT person on your Valentine list!

If we don’t care for ourselves, we are not able to care as well for others.

I am guessing you didn’t shop for yourself though, so I have you covered. Please print these coupons and tape them to your mirror so you see them each morning and night. That way you are more likely to use them. Many of us struggle with self-care, and this is a gift to yourself from me to take a “Me Break”.

Please promise me you will consider finding a moment or two just for you this next week. It is really fun to be able to hand the coupon over to a family member on your way to the bubble bath, bed with a book, or out the door for a walk or to connect with friends. It is like a ticket for fun that you get to turn in… and because it was a gift from someone else there is a permission to use it that we seem to struggle granting ourselves. It’s not self-indulgent to want and need ME TIME & you don’t want to be rude to the gift giver after all! So do something relaxing, adventurous, humorous or whatever you find restorative and delicious for your soul this Valentine’s Day.

Food Solutions Too

Also, if you are worried about the holiday being food centered, check out my blog post on candy-free ways you can celebrate. This covers everything from food allergies to just wanting to live a cleaner, candy-free lifestyle. These ideas aren’t just for kids either. It is about making a mind-shift from food being the center of celebrations to thinking of activities and experiences.

Finally, if you are still hoping for some healthy food ways to celebrate, here are a few fun ideas from my recipe for Chocolate Avocado Mousse to some other fun ideas from around the web.

Download, Print, Tape, & Spend

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Please cash in on my Valentine gift to all you caregivers out there!

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